Physician Opportunities

Considering Physician Jobs in BC?

Check Out Medi-Kel Family Practice and Walk-In Clinic

There are exciting Physician jobs in BC available immediately! We are a busy clinic that is hiring Doctors to cover walk in shifts. We want to recruit for a Family Practice as well.

  • You could be a retiring doctor who is winding your career down and you are looking to work part time to keep your College license.
  • You could be a new family medicine graduate who wants to start a family practice in a supportive well established group of physicians.
  • You could be a family doctor who wants to take a break from a heavy practice load and instead you just want to cover the non urgent care walk-in for a while.
  • You could be a Locum Doctor looking for a seasonal medical job.
  • Whatever your interest, we have a job for you – and we consider these to be the best physician jobs in BC!

Employment Setting

  • Medi-Kel is a busy walk-in location in Kelowna, BC.
  • The Medical Director and clinic owner is Dr. Sue McLoughlin.
  • We offer flexible hours and convenient and efficient scheduling with helpful associates willing to share vacation coverage.
  • Our staff are friendly, courteous and supportive.
  • With Kelowna as your playground, this is one of the best physician jobs in BC.

Practice Setting

  • Due to a physician shortage in British Columbia, there are about 35,000 unattached patients in Kelowna who rely on walk-in clinics to provide their primary care. Many of these patients are registered at our clinic.
  • Patients we see in the walk-in present with anything from viral infections, to acute lacerations and everything in between. Contraceptive advice, pregnancy testing, smoking cessation, Nebulizer treatments and Drivers medical are common services we provide.
  • In addition to doing walk-in shifts, we are happy for our physicians to develop their own practice, seeing patients with booked appointments. During booked shifts physicians provide all primary care services including periodic age appropriate health exams and chronic disease management. Doctors do minor surgical procedures including lesion removals.
  • Kelowna General Hospital is a large 700 bed facility that offers tertiary care to the Okanagan health region. It is located nearby and has a very good emergency department to which we may send patients with more acute, complex and urgent medical needs. Hospitalists look after patients in the acute care but there are none in the extended or hospice care facilities. Our doctors are encouraged to care for their own patients in these facilities. We do not provide obstetrical services at our clinic but refer pregnant patients to other family physicians who provide such care. Specialists are available for consultation 24/7 for most specialties.
  • The amount of patients that can be seen throughout the walk-in shifts varies.  With having 2 walk in shifts per day, it allows us to avoid reaching our maximum amount of patients for the day, allowing us to have continuity of patient care.
  • Morning walk in shifts are 9 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Afternoon walk in shifts extend the walk-in to 4:00 p.m. We are currently closed on weekends.
  • Consider Medi-Kel if you’re pursuing physician jobs in BC.


  • Earnings depend upon work volume and clinical care intensity.
  • Average billings for established full time family doctors in BC in 2013 were $240,000 before overhead.
  • Medi-Kel offers a competitive split, paid biweekly, no holdbacks, and no delays.
  • Doctors can opt in to our generous group benefits package which covers spouses and children.
  • Parking is free.
  • As a member of Doctors of BC you can receive
    • a matching contribution towards your registered retirement plan
    • a physician disability benefit
    • a contribution towards continuing medical education
    • a contribution towards your physician liability costs.

Community Setting

  • Kelowna is a city of 180,000 situated on the shore of a large picturesque lake in the sunny Okanagan Valley.
  • A five hour drive east of Vancouver, it is the third largest metropolitan area in British Columbia.
  • Kelowna is known as a family-friendly place with excellent schools, recreational facilities, sports programs and churches.
  • It is a tourist hub with restaurants, beaches, and nearby ski hills and wineries.
  • There are many opportunities for summer and winter activities, including boating, sailing, skiing, hiking, hunting and fishing.
  • Golf courses open in February, residents enjoy spring skiing to April and access to wineries is available year round.
  • Kelowna is truly a great place to live, work and raise a family!
  • For more information visit Kelowna Tourism.
Why Medi-Kel?

It is our mission at Medi-Kel to provide excellent, timely and compassionate patient care. We have a very collegial team of doctors who are supportive of one another and work well together to accomplish this mission.

It is often said that people will forget what you said and did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. One of our first MOA’s left us with these words when she went on maternity leave:

“It is so wonderful to be a part of the Medi-Kel family. Never have I worked for such thoughtful, kind loving people. Thank you for making us feel like the most loved and appreciated MOA’s around!”

For further inquiries on these physician jobs in BC, please contact: Mike, 250-862-4996 ext. 103 or