Uninsured Services

As government cutbacks continue to affect our society more and more medical office services have been deemed non-essential and have become uninsured in BC. Current charges for some uninsured services are posted in the waiting room. These include notes for work or insurance forms, cosmetic surgeries, (some) wart removals and other services.

During your time with the doctor we appreciate you not negotiating with him/her on the prices of these uninsured services. This discussion is distracting and compromises the doctor’s ability to provide care. Many of these Fees are pre-determined by the B.C. Medical Association. You are welcome to discuss these matters with the staff beforehand. In cases where ongoing charges would be impossible to remit, please submit in writing the circumstances involved. The Office Manager would be happy to bring your circumstances to the attention of the doctor at a later time for consideration of alternative arrangements. We accept cash, direct debit, Visa and Master Card.